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Supporting Art and the Artist - INSPIRED ART SHOWS - we are launching a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!!!

I am so excited to take this on!

The story of this venture is the story of me.

This is how I truly feel about art and my love of community. It has always been a strong driving force in all I do.

Okay here goes -

I just love being part of a tribe and since I started doing art festivals and fairs, I have felt that I found my tribe!

However, it didn't start there.

It started with my experience getting my work in to galleries.

I was so naïve on how the gallery could change the life of an artist; I ended up going down a rabbit hole that almost stopped my art career dead in the water.

The artists that I met threw me a lifeline and introduced me to the art festivals.

I fell in love with every aspect of art festivals and fairs. I even like the waking up at 5AM and driving an hour or more in the dark, hauling out a tent that is way too heavy and attempting to set it up alone. That might be how I've met some of the best people. "Hey, can I help you with that?" is a saying that is an automatic heart warmer!!

The reality is that these weekend events every weekend are a workout.

Also, weather, holidays, time of year, as well as distance of the best festivals are all factors that limit how many an artist can participate in.

Inspired Art Shows is a concept to help support artists with another form of showcasing their work.

Please learn more and consider supporting this kickstarter campaign and help me get this off the ground.

Support not only art, but the artist's you love!!

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